Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Earthshaker is coming!

    Hi everybody!

    I am excited to announce that Earthshaker (Earthshaker series book 5) will be available on Friday Dec. 9 on Amazon. The price on Kindle is only $0.99 until Dec. 13th. The normal price is $2.99.
    Earthshaker is the final book in the Earthshaker series, but it is not the last you'll see of the characters! Coming next year is a new series within the world of Earthshaker. Keep watching for more information!
Jason is furious. As is the voice screaming in his head. The Mastermind has taken everything from him. Now, he is out for blood... 
Lena wants to help him find justice, but the suddenly hostile Jason only snaps back at her outstretched hand. She is further hindered when he decides to leave on his hunt with the worst possible ally at his side. 
When he is pulled in two directions—justice or vengeance—will Jason be able to make the right choice? Or will he continue down his new, dark path?

Also on sale for only $0.99 starting Dec. 11th is Oblivion (Earthshaker series book 4)

Jason and Sam’s future has never been so uncertain.
Jason is trapped. Forced to rely on an old friend to help him, he must push his powers to the limits if he hopes to escape.
Sam has no idea where his brother is. The only person who does know, doesn’t trust him. He believes Sam has done something to Jason’s mind. Could Sam have hurt his own brother?
Sam must ally himself with an old adversary, if they are going to save Jason from this dangerous new enemy.

 Happy reading everyone!