Friday, October 31, 2014

Character Journal Entry: Jason- 2 (After Tracker, before Kindred)

    They're still pushing. Okay, maybe not all of them, but Hannah is. She keeps telling me "You need to talk about your experiences, so you can start to get over them." Still not exactly sure how that's supposed to work. What? I start talking and magically all the problems just go away? Not likely. All sharing my thoughts would do is darken the mood of anyone who hears them.
    Normally, that's how I feel. But...well...there is the fact that Sam seems to be better after talking it out. Dustin, a friend of Hannah's, seems pretty good at helping. Not yet. The wounds are still too fresh. Literally. I still can't put pressure on my back--or my stomach, for that matter--without wanting to cry out from the pain. Having my physical pain so plain for all to see is enough for now. They do NOT need to see what I'm feeling on a daily basis...
    Sam's arm is still in its cast. Paul, Jeffrey, and Ginny are still struggling to figure out their new lot in life. And we're all still, at least partially, in shock over what happened to Erin. Just thinking about her is enough to make me lose my temper. Even now, as I write this, the ground under my room is beginning to vibrate. It's affected by my anger, and, if I had a proper target, I would love to throw my aggression at it. I took down a house, what would stop me from taking down a man too? Nothing. That's what.
    The anger doesn't usually last long. It flairs from time to time, but my default setting lately is depression. By exposing my abilities to Mason, I put everyone I know in danger. Sam was kidnapped and injured. Erin...poor Erin. Her life was never a happy one, but we all tried to give her a real family. I hope she felt at least some happiness while with us. Alice and Hannah's home was invaded...the list could go on. There are often times when I wonder...
    Would they all be better off without me?

    This is the third of my Character Journal Entries, and the second featuring Jason- post Tracker. If you enjoyed this snippet of Jason's mindset, please feel free to examine the other writings included on this site--or click on the link and check out Tracker (Earthshaker 1), Kindred (Earthshaker 2), and Hunter (Earthshaker 3) All available on Amazon--  Happy Reading!  Adri

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Authors vs Negative Reviews

Hi everyone!

    I have been seeing a lot of articles lately about authors responding negatively to bad reviews. First of all- as an author- I would never respond to any review except to maybe thank the reviewer for taking the time to read the book. Second- authors shouldn't respond. As stated in many of the responses to those articles, reviews are meant for readers, not for the author.
    If you're going to be an author, you need to come to terms with this absolute FACT- Not everyone will absolutely love and adore your work! You WILL be rejected, and you WILL be criticized- get over it! If you can't handle a bad review gracefully, maybe you should reconsider your idea to publish.
    On the flip side of this- yes, there are some people out there who simply like to post negativity. Should authors respond to these so-called Trolls? Lets answer together everybody! ABSOLUTELY NOT! All responding does is goad others into continuing the argument. And that is bad publicity for the author, and can lead to other people being dragged into a fight that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Why? Because everybody is allowed their own opinion!
    Am I saying that getting a bad review won't hurt? No. What I'm saying is: if your first instinct after reading a bad review is to attack the reviewer, take a breath and BACK OFF. Never post something in anger, because it cannot be taken back. If you step away from the review and think about it logically, you will realize that it is one person's opinion. Always realize that you can't please everybody. Just let others have their opinions and share them where they want. Then authors can get back to what they should be doing- Writing!
    Just my personal opinion on a growing problem. :) Happy Writing everybody!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thunderclap problems

Hi everyone!

For some unknown reason, the Thunderclap page for Hunter has not been listing/accepting everyone who has tried to join. As of right now there are nine people. If you have tried joining, please double check to make sure you're listed, and, if you aren't, please try again! It has happened already to a couple people that I am aware of, and I don't know if it has happened to some that I am not.
Anyway, for those who have joined so far: Thank you so much! I appreciate your support! For those who haven't: I would love if you would be willing to help spread the word about my third book's release! Thank you!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Join the Thunder!

Hi everyone!
     There is a Thunderclap campaign for Hunter, and I would love it if you would join! No cost to you, just click on the link! All you have to do is choose the Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr button and on the chosen day (For Hunter it is Oct 25) the Thunderclap site will post the link sharing the release of Hunter with all of your followers! Easy right? So click on the link and join now!  Thanks!

Don't forget, Tracker and Kindred are still only $0.99 each on Kindle! Only until after the Hunter release. Just follow the links!