Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Proof Update: Kindred

   Hey Everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update on how the proofreading is going on Earthshaker Series Book Two: Kindred:  So far I have found a few mistakes that I will need to correct. It will take a little longer to get through the rest of the book as I search for errors, but in the meantime, Tracker is still available for sale at The paperback copy is $7.99 (on amazon $7.19) and the kindle version is $2.99. Take a look! You could read book one while waiting for the release of book two- Just follow this link:

Jason is unlike any other eighteen year old. Even barring that he lives on the streets to keep away from his possessive and abusive father, he is also able to detect slight vibrations in the earth allowing him to follow or avoid people with ease. In addition, he can manipulate the ground, calling it up to help protect against anyone who wishes to harm him or those he cares about, such as the group of other runaway children he protects. Over the years since the discovery of his power he has fine-tuned the ability to be able to recognize specific people based on the way they move.
His only contact with authority is Detective Alice Farrow, whom he helps with cases as a Confidential Informant. She is also one of the few people Jason has trusted with his hidden powers. While utilizing his abilities to pursue dangerous criminals, she does her best to keep him out of the line of fire.
Their latest case pits Jason against Trevor Mason, one of the city's most notorious criminals who is suspected of every crime from theft to violent torture and murder. Mason has discovered Jason's power and desires to use it for his own means. Jason must work with Alice and her partner to stop Mason before Jason becomes something he shouldn't: a tool of destruction for an evil man.

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