Thursday, July 3, 2014


     I have always been the type to go in streaks with, well, pretty much everything I do. For example: If I like a specific actor, I watch a bunch of the movies/tv shows that actor has been in until I'm ready to move on to another actor I like. Or I like a specific kind of book or movie, so I hunt down any books or movies that fit the genre I am currently obsessed with.
     The main activity that I have stuck with (now since about 5th or 6th grade) is horseback riding. It is one thing I believe I will always love, but even with riding I have streaks where I just don't feel like doing the work to get ready to ride.
     My writing is no different. When I'm working on my books, I quite often write pretty regularly for several months, and then quit for a few weeks at a time. It's part of my 'take a break' philosophy for writing. (See article 'Writer's Block' on During that time I read like crazy, but can't force myself to do any writing. Every time I've tried to write while in this stage it has come out forced and stilted. Not flowing the way I like.
     That I am currently working on a book with a co-author does not change my habits. The last few weeks I have done little to no work on any of the many writing projects I currently have in the works. Does that mean I've lost interest? Not at all. The only thing it means is that I am getting through the 'break time' and wanting to make sure the writing, when I do it, comes out naturally and allows my stories to flow naturally.
     In the last week or so I have done a little bit of writing, and it is starting to flow a little more again. So my guess is that within the next couple days I will be in the streak of wanting to write like crazy, and will do little to no reading.
     Do any of you have similar habits in your writing? I know the conventional way of thinking is that you should do a little bit of writing each day, but how realistic is that? Let me know what you think! I would love to know the habits of other authors. Happy writing everyone!

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