Saturday, May 2, 2015

Book Update and Reading Suggestions

    Hi everyone-
    Apparently I am not very good at posting regularly. Not sure how important it is to do so, but I always post something eventually. :)
   Anyway, that's not really the point. Right now I am still working on the rewrites my editor (Terri King) suggested for my mystery novel Fear. It has been difficult to find the time and energy to do so, but be assured, there is progress being made.
    In Fear, the main character is Ryan Parker. He is a rookie police officer whose parents were killed when he was a child. Ryan also comes complete with a stalker who tries to invade every aspect of Ryan's life.
    And for those of you more interested in the punk-type genres, my co-author Joseph and I are also making good progress on Soul Warriors vs Witches, a dream-punk novel.
    In Soul Warriors, there are several main characters. The warriors themselves, and the one witch who wants to help them in their battles. Soul Warriors are tasked with protecting souls of the recently departed when others have paid witches to prevent them from reaching their final judgment. But there is another within the soul realm who may be more deadly than the witches.
    So these two books are what I have been working on recently. Once I have either of them closer to finished, I will continue with some of my other projects, including Earthshaker Series book four: Oblivion.
    Hope everyone has had plenty of good books to read recently! Personally, I have enjoyed quite a few within the last several months. The Beyonders series, The Thirteenth Reality series, Steelheart (book 1 of the Reckoners, haven't gotten book 2 yet) and The Five Kingdoms series. I have also read a few books by other Indie authors including: Division Zero (book 1 of the series, by Matthew S. Cox), Reaper (book 2 of the Guardian Legacies by Emily Goodwin), and Ever Fire (a dark faerie tale 2, by Alexia Purdy).
    Most of these books are available on Amazon, and are worth a look! Have a great weekend, and Happy Reading!

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