Saturday, August 1, 2015

Books on my Brain :)

    Hi everyone!
    I wanted to update you all on all the different writing projects I am working on, and what I am planning for future books. I don't have planned release dates for anything yet, but I am hoping to have at least one book ready to publish before the end of the year.
     First up are the books I am currently working on: I am writing Earthshaker series book four: Oblivion, and in the process have already figured out parts of what will be Earthshaker book five, which will likely be the final one of the series. (Unless other ideas come to me as I'm working)
     Secret Power (fantasy novel) is still being edited and having some rewriting done, and the sequel, The Betrayal, is also in progress. I at this point have no plans to go beyond book two, but again it depends on how the writing goes. More may come to me as I get further into book two.
     Now the books that are in planning phases or still have more writing to be done. First up is Burn, a paranormal suspense book that is started, but I have quite a bit of writing left to do. Also connected to Burn is Visions, which is fully written, but will require quite a few rewrites to make it better.
     Another book I have started writing is a mystery titled Instinct, which is planned to be a stand alone.
     Surprising myself, I am also planning a zombie book that will either be titled Zero or Ground Zero, I haven't decided yet. Also unknown is whether this will be a new series, or a stand alone novel.
     Also in the very early stages of planning is Fury, which could be a psychic, werewolf, or shape-shifter novel. It's early enough that I don't even know yet what the main character will be. :)
     And finally, by the request of a couple readers, I am beginning to figure out a plot for a sequel to Fear, my newest release.
     So there you have it, the next ten novels that I will (eventually) be releasing! Which one are you most looking forward to?
     Happy Reading!

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