Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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 “You saved me, consider this a gift. I will be watching. Be safe, Tracker- Kindred.”
   With this message, left alongside the murdered body of Jason’s father, Kindred entered Jason’s life as a protector- and a threat. Jason is still trying to work through the repercussions of being kidnapped and tortured, along with the reluctant guilt he feels about ending a life. Adding Mason’s former assassin, who thanks Jason for his freedom by killing people, is too much. When Kindred’s vendetta against those he sees as a threat to Jason leads to confrontation between the two men, Jason needs to fight his instinct to grab his belongings and run in order to stay and protect the people he loves.
   After watching Jason suffer through the injuries accrued while under Mason’s control, Hannah wants him to stop working with the police and live a more normal life. She tries to get Jason to talk about everything he’s been through so he can learn from it and move on. When Kindred refuses to stop sending messages, she realizes Jason can’t sit idly by while the other man kills more people.
   Unfortunately Kindred is no longer happy simply observing Jason and keeping him safe, and he gets in the way of Jason’s attempt to live a normal life. Hannah wants to keep Jason safe from the threat Kindred has become. She must learn to let Jason deal with things his own way, even if it could mean losing him.

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