Friday, January 24, 2014

Character Information: Jason's Kids

   Paul is the oldest of the group of children Jason takes care of and protects. He is first introduced in the Earthshaker short story, Stray, when he and Jason meet. While on the streets Paul acts as Jason's second in command, and quite often becomes angry when his friend is put in danger due to the cases he works with Alice. He is slow to trust other adults due to living in an abusive home. He ran away the day he met Jason, but never told Jason that meeting him was the catalyst to leaving his parents.
   Erin is the second oldest of the group, and acts as big sister to the other children. Although younger than Paul, she still acts motherly toward him. She was thrown out of her house when her mother saw her as competition for the affections of the many men she brought into the house. Erin wants to be a part of a family, so she tries to keep them all together and acting like a family.
   Ginny is the youngest girl of the group, and was encouraged by the others to leave her abusive family. Jason doesn't force people to join him, but when he met the innocent little girl with the sad eyes, he decided to at least offer a safe haven for her. As a quiet and shy girl, she took a while to agree, but flourished under the positive attention given her, especially by Jason and Erin. She eventually grows very close to Jason's friend Hannah, and views her as an older sister she can look up to and trust.  
   Jeffrey is the second youngest, and has a learning disability. His parents abandoned him, apparently ashamed of his slow speech and inability to read or write decently. Jason and Paul found him and offered him a judgment free family where he was loved regardless of his disability. His speech became better with positive reinforcement, and he grows to love the group as his true family.
   Sam is the youngest of the children Jason protects while living on the streets, and the one most adamant about staying with Jason through everything. Although most of the others would fight for Jason, when he tells them to stay somewhere else, they will listen to him. Sam would refuse to leave Jason's side. He views Jason as his rescuer and the most stable role model he has ever had and will not allow himself to be separated, even when Jason tries to make him stay with the others.

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