Saturday, March 8, 2014

Earthshaker Book 3- Extended Teaser!

Hi everyone!

   I have been hard at work editing Earthshaker Book 3: Hunter, and I am about halfway through the book. The release I have tentatively planned for mid-late Summer 2014. I am also hoping to have the first draft of book 4 written by then. I have already posted a short teaser on my Facebook page (see link on the side of my blog) But I would like to post a slightly longer teaser here.

   In book one: Tracker, Jason introduces himself as the only Tracker he is aware of, but acknowledges that there may be more. In book three he discovers that he is not alone. Jason is living in a different town after the events of Kindred (Book 2) and there gets involved in a kidnapping/murder case. The case becomes personal when the killer begins to set his sights on Jason and Sam, and eventually they discover that the Hunter may be Jason's most dangerous adversary yet! Can he figure out how to defeat a man who holds the same powers, or will this be Jason's last case?

   To get caught up on the series before book 3 is released follow the links on the side of the page!

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