Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Busy! (aka- Major Update :)

Hi everyone!

    Wow, I have been busy lately. Between working full time, spending time with family, taking some time for my pets, and writing, I have not had much spare time for blogging. :) But here is another update for anyone interested:
    I have been working on a co-authored book in the Dreampunk genre. This has so far been an interesting experience since my co-author and I have different approaches to writing and totally different styles. We have done a couple short stories now (one for an anthology with other authors and one to be submitted to a magazine or e-zine at some point) and are getting used to working together a little bit. So far it has definitely been a learning experience. I have been enjoying writing in a different genre, and writing in the third person again has been a trick (I often find myself switching between third person and first person, sometimes within the same paragraph! :) but I am enjoying it so far.
    Earthshaker Series Book 3: Hunter is still in the editing phase. I have gone through for my own personal editing (first round, anyway) and will be giving copies to a couple of my readers this weekend to get their insight into the story line, and to fix grammatical and punctuation errors. I am still hoping to have this book ready for publication sometime either late summer or early fall of this year.
    Tracker (Earthshaker Series Book 1) is in the process of getting a new cover! I have been working with a couple people on Facebook (Catt Dahman and David McGlumphy) on getting a cover that fits the story. Really looking forward to seeing the finished product and being able to get it switched out! Will post a picture when I have it available.
    Earthshaker Series Book 4 is in the writing/planning stage. I have some of it written, and have been taking some time to figure out where I want the story to go, so once I have a little more time to write, the story will already be mostly in my head.
    The fantasy novel I am planning to publish may end up being pushed back a little, until I get a bit further on the other projects, but Secret Power will be coming at some point! (And then I need to finish writing the sequel so I can get that out shortly after Secret Power) I'm not completely sure yet, but it may end up only being a two book series. Depends on how The Betrayal ends. :)
    These are the main projects I am working on right now. Any comments/questions are welcome! And don't forget to check out Earthshaker Book 1: Tracker and Book 2: Kindred available on Amazon on Kindle or in Paperback!
    Happy Reading! (or Writing, if you are an author!)

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