Saturday, February 15, 2014


   Hi everyone! I have a sale on Tracker running this week for both and! I set it up so the sale would run until my birthday (Feb 22) as a way to celebrate my 30th. I set the price on as $0.99 and in the UK as £0.99. These prices will remain the same until the end of the day on the 22nd! The link embedded on the post will lead you to your country's amazon, where ever you happen to live :-)
   I have also recently joined twitter, so if you are interested, follow the link to follow me! I also began writing on recently, and have gotten 5 followers there in the few days I've been on it. My post about my self-publishing journey so far has been pretty popular over there, which I was pretty excited about :-) 
   In regard to what I've been working on recently, a lot of it has been online presence in order to spread the word about my book, but I have also been editing Hunter: Earthshaker Book 3, and starting to organize some of the ideas I've had for Earthshaker Book 4 (so far untitled, though I have a couple possible one's in the works :) I have also been trying to figure out other thoughts and topics I can use both for posts here, and on Migzing, so if any of you have something you would like me to write about, or share my opinion on, let me know!
   And wish me luck on the sale! Please +1 or share this post to spread the word! Thank you!

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