Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yet Another Computer Update

  Hey everyone! I got my computer back from the repair company on Friday, and yet again it was having the same issues. When I called it in, I talked to a sympathetic guy who said that if the previous repair people who'd dealt with it were regular army, then those who will be looking at it this time will be the special forces. Here's hoping the "Navy Seals" (as he put it) of the computer repair world will be able to get my computer fixed so that I can be back in business without needing to kick my mom off her computer.
   Even with these problems, I did get Earthshaker Series book two out, am currently working on editing my mystery novel: Fear, and will be working on the short story explaining how and why Jason decided to help out and protect other street kids. Keep watching for more updates, and follow the links above to visit my Facebook page, and to find Tracker and Kindred on Merry Christmas everyone!

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