Friday, September 27, 2013

Character Information: Dan Carstens

    Dan Carstens is a senior detective with the Crandal County Police Department. He has been Alice's partner since she became a detective, and worked with her on a couple cases prior to becoming her partner. He is wary of runaways and other street kids in general, but has grown to care about Jason and the children he protects-due in large part to the fact that they stay away from the vices street kids often turn to.
    Another part of why Dan cares about the children is that he and his wife, June, have always wanted children and were unable to have any. He has a soft spot for children in general, and more so for those who have had troubled and abusive homes. When Jason and his kids are in trouble, Dan is right beside Alice to help them out. Dan is hurt by Jason's complete distrust of him, but eventually grows to understand the reason behind it.

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