Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Saturday:

    Today was a busy day by my normal Saturday standards. This morning I went to town to run some errands, including picking up new riding boots, which I proceeded to not use when I rode my horse this afternoon because I rode bareback and used my normal shoes. After riding Rory, my mare, I had Chance, my mom's gelding, in the round pen to run.
My mare- Rory

Mom's gelding- Chance
    Once the horses were put away and fed, I was able to edit a decent amount of Kindred- book two of the Earthshaker series. I am about halfway through right now, and am still planning to go over some more this evening before I go to bed. Still not quite sure on even an estimated release date for Kindred, but as I get further in the editing I may have a better idea of how long it will take to have it fully ready. As always I will continue to update as I make progress


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