Sunday, September 1, 2013

Character Information: Jason:

  Jason's abilities began shortly after he attempted suicide at age thirteen because of extreme abuse by his father. When he discovered he could sense his father's movements, he used the ability in his escape. He met Alice Farrow, not yet a detective, a few months later and helped her find a kidnapped child. This case led to Alice using Jason as an informant and began the slow buildup of trust between the two. After being on the streets for over a year, Jason began to gather other cast-away children that he would protect, not wanting to see them fall to the violence and crime so many others turned to. No matter what situation he found himself in, Jason always put their safety before anything. In order to be able to protect them better, he told them about his ability to sense the vibrations of their movements and taught them a code they could tap into the ground if they needed anything from him.
    Those he is closest to also know Jason's abilities go beyond feeling vibrations through the ground. He can also manipulate the motions of the earth around him and cause it to rise for protection. When he is truly upset he can cause earthquakes. These abilities frighten him, and he is not always able to control them, sometimes causing minor tremors by accident when he is angry. But when those he cares about are threatened, he will not hesitate to use them.
  Keep watching for Trust the Earthshaker series short story when Jason meets Alice. Also watch for Strays another Earthshaker series short story when Jason meets the first of the children he wants to protect.

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