Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Character Information: Hannah

    Hannah Farrow is the sister of Detective Alice Farrow. She is eighteen during the events of Tracker, and has a hard time balancing her college class schedule with spending time with her sister and Jason. She sees that they both need extra support with the difficult events surrounding the case with Trevor Mason, so she often puts her own desires on hold in order to be there for her loved ones. She has known Jason since he first helped Alice with a missing person's case, and has always been a little bit in love with him. However, she is smart enough to know that he is not ready for a relationship, so she doesn't push him to reveal his feelings.
    When Jason's group of street kids comes to stay at her house Hannah becomes a role model for them, especially for Ginny, who has never had a good female mentor. Hannah is generally soft-spoken, but she doesn't hesitate to speak up if she feels strongly about something. For instance, after the situation with Mason, she pushes Sam (the youngest child in the group) and Jason to talk to someone about what they went through. She urges Jason to not push everyone away, but instead to let them help him heal.


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